Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wrapper Classes -- methods with examples  


There are some of the methods of the Wrapper class which are used to manipulate the data. Few of them are given below:

1. add(int, Object): Learn to insert an element at the specified position.

2. add(Object): Learn to insert an object at the end of a list.

3. addAll(ArrayList): Learn to insert an array list of objects to another list.

4. get(): Learn to retrieve the elements contained with in an ArrayList object.

5. Integer.toBinaryString(): Learn to convert the Integer type object to a String object.

6. size(): Learn to get the dynamic capacity of a list.

7. remove(): Learn to remove an element from a particular position specified by a index value. 

8. set(int, Object): Learn to replace an element at the position specified by a index value.

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